Things are changing…

As things are starting to take shape it is now time to let you know about a small change to my Close To My Heart business…  My base location is changing – I am moving to Melbourne, Doncaster to be exact.  My husband Scott has moved over there for work and I am going to join him when my contract finishes in June.


My business will still be active through the website & Facebook…  Workshops will still be continuing in South Australia under the watchful eye of my mum, Janet, along with support from some of my wonderful team members…  Card Buffets are still available via mail for those that want to ‘play along’ – more information will come out over the next couple of months…

My move will be taking place in July and I look forward to getting my business up and running when I get over there.  In the meantime I look forward to catching up with you all at workshops, card buffets & training days.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me…

Kylie xo

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